Google Maps Can Remember Where You Parked

Did you know Google Maps can help you remember where you parked? Well, it is true that Google Maps has become more complicated and they even include the details inside a building (say like a shopping mall) and can indicate which level you're on. Although, I'm not sure if this feature is available for buildings in Malaysia yet.
If any of you has had any experience with this feature in Malaysia, do let me know in the comments.
Here's the article about this Google Maps feature, copied from this source:

The Secret Google Map Trick You've Got to Try

There's no quicker way to ruin a vacation or even a fun weekend outing in your hometown than to forget where you parked.

While you may rely on Google Maps to help you with driving directions, public transportation navigation, and even bike paths, chances are you're not using the handy app to help you in the parking department. Turns out, Google Maps can actually make sure you never forget your parking space again. Here's how: "Once you park, pull up your map and tap your location (marked by the moving blue dot). Click ‘Set As Parking Location’ and your coordinates will become plots on the map and marked by a ‘P,'" writes Juliana LaBianca for Reader's Digest.

In many cities, Google Maps can also help you find out how difficult it will be to find a parking space at your destination. After you click the car icon to designate the driving route, you'll see the 'P' icon with either "Limited" "Medium" or "Easy" beside it, assessing how difficult it is to find parking. You can also click the 'P' icon to be taken to your driving directions and a "Find Parking" button you can click which will pull up parking options in the area, and the walking distance from your destination.

Now, if only Google Maps had a feature to help us find our car keys.
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