Training - Documents for Event Organization

In the end of May, I had the opportunity to organize a short and simple training program for some students from As-Sofa Islamic College. The training was on how to prepare the necessary documents usually involved in organizing events (proposal paperwork, official letter and minutes of meetings). These documents may be relatively simple documents to prepare for some, but trust me, I have seen lots of university students who are unable to prepare those documents properly. Yes, they do know basically what those documents are but most are still unable to put some "flair" and "professionalism" into their documents. So, that's what my training was about. I taught them - hands-on - on how to prepare a paperwork, an official letter and minutes of meetings that is not only functional, but also looks nice and professional. First impression is very important!

The training took one whole day (10.00 am until 5.00 pm) - but even that, there was not enough time since the training was a coaching-styled where I guide each and every participant personally. (And I made sure they enjoyed the learning session.)

p.s.: I will be sharing more pictures and memories from the various training sessions I have conducted before, as a promotional move for my upcoming big project on training services. ;)
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