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If you are someone who's looking to sell off some of your preloved items for some cash, or someone who's looking to go into a little bit more serious entrepreneurship, then one of the best places to start is to sell online. Nowadays, things are becoming so convenient that you can easily use your mobile phones to do online business. I will share with you, from experience, some of the best apps that you can download into your mobile phones to start selling, or buying.


I personally love Carousell. The tagline says it all: "Sell in a Snap, Buy with a Chat". It's easy and convenient. To me, it's an app that's built exactly for the purpose of selling and buying, nothing more. The user interface and layout, whether on the website version or the mobile app version, is clean and easy to understand. Most importantly, it's free. You can snap some pictures of the item you want to sell off, write some good description, set a price and list your item immediately. Your item will be listed publicly and potential buyers can easily chat with you using the built-in chat function to ask further details about your item.

However, a slightly disappointing thing about Carousell is that the app only allows you to upload a total of four pictures. Four pictures is usually enough, but if you're a serious seller then you will soon find that sometimes you need to upload more than four pictures for an item. Also, be sure to read carefully the list of items that are not allowed on Carousell, for the list includes some legal items such as health supplements. Other than that, go ahead to Play Store, download and install Carousell, and start selling and buying!


eBay is probably a name you're very familiar with. They are one of the earliest players in online commerce. I have never really taken a liking to eBay until recently, when I found out they have released a mobile phone app for their online marketplace. After download it and trying it myself, I decided that it's a keeper. The first reason is because having been in business for 20 years, eBay has a gigantic following, which means that if you sell on eBay you're selling to a customer base of millions of people. The second reason is because the eBay App is a "two thumbs up". It's easy to use. The layout and user interface is not just a simplified version of the traditional eBay website, rather it's an app that is built independently from the eBay website, optimized for mobile phones. My only warning: if you're not familiar with online selling on eBay, it might take a little extra time for you to learn how to start listing your first item on eBay.

Download and install these two apps: Carousell and eBay.

Another two online marketplace that's a good place to do business in Malaysia is Lelong and Mudah. I haven't yet tried selling anything on Lelong, as to start selling on Lelong you have to pay a yearly fee of around RM500, or you have to attend a training class organized by Lelong (I'm not sure if this system is still running). I have tried downloading and using Lelong's mobile app a few months ago but found it to be a bit hard to use. I had to revert back to the full Lelong website to search for things I need. As for Mudah, I am using the full website of Mudah and it's quite a good marketplace. However, their mobile app is a disappointment. Their app doesn't support a built-in login function for Mudah's ProNiaga account, and the page for posting an item looks like a "shrinked" version of their full website, and does not work so well on mobile phones.

Well, do share your experiences and opinions on these online marketplaces or other marketplaces that you know of.

Happy selling and buying!
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