Lee Kah Choon: Another Case of Political Childishness

The New Straits Times today (25 April 2008) wrote a report entitled “Najib regrets Lee chose job over party”. A quick thought came into my mind as a response: “I regret these politicians still chose party interests over governing the people”. To me, this is just another case of political childishness. Why are they making such a fuss when a BN state assembylman is elected by a Pakatan Rakyat-led state for a post in the state government, on grounds that he is capable, experienced and is perhaps ‘the best man for the job’? Is party interests way above the interest of serving the people?

The time has come for the political parties to change their childish and egocentric mindset. When a person is elected as a state assemblymen or even a member of parliament, that person is a representative of the people. Therefore, priorities must be made clear here. These people representatives have it as their responsibility to serve the people. Therefore, I believe that it is not a concrete enough reason to say that a person is going againsts the principles of the party he or she belongs to just by accepting an important role in the government (be it state or federal) led by an opposing party; unless of course it is the principle of the party that their representatives must put party interests above the interest of serving the people. It’s not, is it?

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