A Fortnight in Kuching

After about 10 months leaving Kuching for Kuala Lumpur, I have finally returned for the Hari Raya holidays. I don’t usually write this kind of posting, but I feel like sharing a few things about my fortnight here in Kuching. I arrived on the 1st day of Hari Raya to a mostly familiar-looking Kuching. Not much has changed. Unlike the metropolitan city of KL, developments in Kuching are rather slow. It’s nothing new, it’s been like that since forever. Not to mention the many construction projects left unfinished around Kuching. Anyway, that doesn’t really interest me, at least for the time being.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate my friend, Bro. Wan Azizan Bin Wan Zainal Abidin for his marriage on 19 October 2007 to Sharifah Afifah; finally! May Allah bless their marriage with mawaddah wa Rahmah, and may they bloom into a happy family, a strong and committed family on the path of Islam. His marriage was held in Sebuyau, a place about 2-hours drive away from the center of Kuching. We went there to attend his marriage celebration (walimatul-urus); and there were about 9 vehicles of us all together striding along from Kuching to Sebuyau. Sebuyau was once a place with no road access, but now we could drive all the way from Kuching right into the market center of Sebuyau. It is a development for which I can only hope would bring more positive change than negative.

Next, congratulations to Bro. Hasfa Bakhry Bin Hassan for his first child; born yesterday (23 October) with a healthy weight of 2.9 kg. Hopefully his first son will bring more prosperity and blessings into their already happy family. Don't forget to give him a good name, my friend! And don't forget to teach him good things. Most importantly, don't let him take the negative side of you... haha.

Apart from those two happy stories, it was also very refreshing for me to once again meet up with my friends in ABM, PERKEPIS and ABIM. Honestly, there's still much to do; and I see that there are lots of opportunities here in Sarawak. Hopefully I can motivate my friends to grab the opportunities and try hard to inflict positive change in the society. As for me, I just can't wait to settle down here in Sarawak and do what I can do for the society and for the ummah! (Right now I'm just bursting with ideas...) But then again, great things require great sacrifice so I just have to be patient for the time being and focus on developing my academic and intellectual capacity.

Sarawak, await my return!
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