Nurin Jazlin Jazimin: Victim of A Failing System

The tragic death of 8 year old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin has caught the attention of the whole nation. The brutal murder of the child to Jazimin Abdul Jalil and Norazian Bistaman has raised lots of questions. What kind of beast did such a thing to poor young Nurin? Why do we have such an inhuman, cruel, violent, sadistic person here in Malaysia? This Nurin case, one of many others, has perhaps made many feel that Malaysia is no longer a safe place to live in.

My condolences to Mr. Jazimin and Mrs. Norazian. I do not blame you for what happened. I could not fathom how some people in this country could have the heart to blame this tragedy on the parents – and even to such extent that they suggest the parents be charged in court! Have some heart my fellow Malaysians! The parents did not wish for their daughter to end in such a tragic fate. No parent, in their right state of mind, would want anything bad to happen to their child. And for those who say that the parents were careless: guys, we’re human! Everybody gets careless. We would be an angel if we were so perfect.

What’s important now is for us to give our support to the parents. They need our support; our moral support most of all. Let us all pray that Nurin Jazlin rest in peace. Dear Mr. Jazimin and Mrs. Norazian, do know that your daughter will rest in heaven, in tranquility and in peace.

What we need to ponder upon now is how could such a vicious crime happen here in Malaysia. I do not want to give the answers here, just to raise some thoughts and questions that we should all think upon – and if you happen to be someone with authority, please take these questions into serious consideration.

We are going around saying that we are proud of Malaysia, that we are proud of the advancements and developments in Malaysia. However, our biggest mistake is that we focus primarily on physical developments and give little emphasis on human development. It is only since the past few years has the area of human development been given some thought. I repeat: some thought. So, what happens now is that we have the technology but we do not prepare our people for the challenges brought along by the technology.

Also, although there has been some efforts to improve on the human development aspect, most of the efforts are made with the wrong method or approach. What I mean by saying wrong is that most of the human development programs do not emphasise on correct values, and understanding of the most fundamental thing: the purpose of life itself. When a person does not have a clear understanding of his purpose of living, then that person will tend to put the wrong aim in life. Thus, a wrong aim will lead a person on the wrong path with the wrong set of values. Please understand this!

We have had just too many cases of lost people and crime lately. Sadly, we see people pointing fingers at each other, blaming each other for what has happened. Personally, I would rather see this as a failure of the whole social-economy-political system. What has happened to our familial values? What has happend to our good neighbourhood relationship? What has happend to our community spirit? What is happening to our youth? What is being taught to our youth? What kind of leadership do we have in our country right now? These are some of the many questions that we should all ask and try to solve.

Sorry Mr. Jazimin and Mrs. Norazian that you had to become another victim of the country’s failing system!

Gombak, 1:59 a.m.
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