Gwen Stefani? No Thanks!

Well, Maxis Communications Bhd. is, yet again, staging another controversial concert in Malaysia. They are trying to bring in Gwen Stefani here this 21 August as part of her “The Sweet Escape 2007” concert tour. I have nothing against concerts or music; but hey, Gwen Stefani? No, thanks! Please, we do not want her show here. We are just having too much of such ‘Western influences’ and the young people of our society have already begun to disintegrate from the roots of our tradition and culture. I wonder where has the social corporate responsibility of this company gone? Social corporate responsibility is not just about pampering the society with heaps of entertainment, seeing that is what the society craves for. Corporate bodies must bear the responsibility of educating the society with the fundamental values of our culture and religion as the core content.

True, there may be some sectors of the society who would empty their whole depository just to see Gwen Stefani live in action. However, looking at the concert from a religion, cultural, or legal perspective, I find it incomprehensible that such a concert be staged here in Malaysia. Looking at her recent performances, video clips, and advertising images, Gwen Stefani’s appearance is just not suitable for our society. It contradicts with the fundamentals of our Asian culture and Islamic values. Clearly, the organizers of this concert has shown little respect and sensitivity to the belief of the society.

Most of the concerts which stages Western artists, which includes Gwen Stefani’s of course, are indecent and utterly obscene to the standards of this country. Chapter 5 of the Broadcasting Guidelines produced by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission clearly lines out the rules and regulations that must be adhered to by performing artists who wants to perform in this country. The guidelines are made with the intention to conserve the Asian and Islamic culture that we have been holding firm and true to our hearts for decades now, and has been proven successful in terms of upholding a peaceful, harmonious, and progressive society. Gwen Stefani’s, and most of the Western artists’, performances do not seem to be aligned with the guidelines. I fear that if more and more indecent concerts are being performed, more and more of the young generation of this country will emulate the negative side of Western lifestyle, portrayed by the Western artists, which are not suited to our basic and fundamental values of religion and culture.

Therefore, I would like to call upon the young generation of Muslims in Malaysia to voice out our concern and demand a stop to the excessive run of concerts and entertainments. Let us send a clear message that we, the young generation of Malaysia, do not want excessive entertainment, called hedonism. Corporate agencies, social organizations and government bodies should work together and come up with programs and activities that would benefit the society in terms of beefing up our intellectual and thinking capacity. It would be a much wiser investment for these sectors to spend their resources into educational programs and activities, or into student and youth organizations. That would benefit more in terms of shaping the future leaders of our country.
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i think better not to watch TV, MTV, Channel V, then no more songs in the radio. Oh yes, don't even think to download songs coz it's pirate (salah di sisi agama islam jua wat?!). Beli lah yg Original! Malaysia Boleh!

Congrats bro Somewhere I Belong you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...