Welcome Ramadhan!

To all my Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world: Welcome to Ramadhan 1429H!

The month that we've all been eagerly anticipating is finally here. First and foremost, let us praise and thank Allah, The Most Compassionate, for it is due to His will that we are once again given the chance to partake in this auspicious "festival of 'ibadah". All praise and thanks to Allah for bestowing us with the gift of life, of age, until so far we can once again make the best out of the wealth of opportunities offered in Ramadhan. As we see people pass away around us, people whom Allah have decided would not see the light of this year's Ramadhan, we should be very thankful that we have become part of those who are otherwise chosen to see that light of Ramadhan. Let us then manifest our thankfulness by performing as much 'ibadah as we can, so that by the end of Ramadhan we would be able to reap the fruits of "taqwa".

Here in Malaysia, the advent of this year's Ramadhan was not as celebrated as the previous years. It is a rather sad fact that many have overlooked to prepare and celebrate the coming of this blessed month. It seems that the current political scenario happening in this country has taken all the attention.

Anyway, let us make the best out of this year's Ramadhan. Grab this opportunity and make full use of this blessed month to make as many good deeds as we can, to ask for forgiveness for all our wrongdoings, with hope that by the end we can become a better Muslim. Let us not forget that the most important thing in life is to totally submit ourselves to Allah - for that is the purpose of our existence. This month is the best time for us to train ourselves with good conduct, to instill Islamic values so that it roots firm within us. Let us also never forget our unfortunate brothers and sister from other parts of the world - mainly in Palestine. One of the reasons why Muslims are being treated with violence and prejudice is due to our own pathetic condition. Let's ask ourselves: how good are we, as Muslims, in portraying Islam? Are we good ambassadors of Islam, or are we making Islam look bad? Would Prophet Muhammad be proud of us were he here to witness our acts? What have we contributed to the ummah so far? Please, do not make the mistake of submitting to individualism. Remember that Prophet Muhammad has explicitly explained to us, that one of the pre-requisites of a true believer is that he loves his Muslim brothers and sisters as much as he loved himself.

Happy fasting, and have a meaningful Ramadhan!
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assalamualaikum, salam ramadhan..kagum sangat ngn penulisan abg naim, teringin le nk blaja menulish in english, tp x bpe bagus..lg 1 link kan blog halim ek..jemput le lawat skali. http://halimelqeat2.blogspot.com

Congrats bro amalhijazz you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...