Praise To The Prophet

This is just a blog filler, perhaps. I just thought that I'd post something easy before I post more of my writings. Anyway, this is the lyrics to one of my favourite songs. It's entitled 'Praise To The Prophet' by Zain Bikha.

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Amid the confusion, the chaos and the pain
A man emerged and Muhammad was his name
And walking with nothing but Allah as his aid
And the mark of a prophet between his shoulder blades
In a cave in mount hira, the revelation came
Read o Muhammad, read in Allah's name
May the blessings of Allah be on al-mustafaa (the selected one)
None besides him could have been al-mujtabaa (the chosen one)

Muhammad, peace be upon his soul
The greatest of prophets, Islam was his only goal
Muhammad, sallaLlahu 'alayhi wa sallam

From among all the prophets, Muhammad was the last
As his was a mission of the greatest task
There was only moral degeneration
People clung to idol adoration
For all nations, he was al-mukhtaar (the preferred one)
So was he praised by Allah, al-ghaffaar
The bearer of glad tidings, al-basheer
Leading into light, as-seeraj-al-muneer (lamp of Radiance)

In handling the wicked, he had the best of skill
He pacified with tolerance and goodwill
The best of morals he aimed to attain
All he accomplished through suffering and pain
Reviving imaan as al-muzakkir (the reminder)
He is known in the qur'aan as al-muddaththir (covered up)
Only he was given the honour of mi'raaj
Unique was this glory to Muhammad as-seeraj (the lamp)

Balagha 'l-ula bikamalihi
Kashafa 'd-duja bijamalihi
Hasunat jami'u khisalihi
Sallu 'alayhi wa alihi
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